Asia Pacific Offset Privacy and Cookie Policy

This policy is effective as of April 14 th, 2022

Asia Pacific does not  collect your personal information. Ever. User privacy is important to us. This includes your IP address and any identifiable information. Since we do not collect your personal information, we will never sell anything to third parties. We also do not share your personal information, and we do not store it.

We do not use tracking tools. Google Analytics is the only tool used to support optimum website performance. Refer to the paragraph entitled ¡®Why do we use cookies and what do we use?¡¯ below for further details.  

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer that help to ensure an efficient user experience when you browse websites. Essentially, they are messengers that provide key information, such as whether you have visited a website before, or if the website is generating more traffic than usual. They help with many things, like ensuring that images render quickly, or they can keep you logged in to websites you visit regularly, etc.

Tell me about the different types of cookies.

The following list details the different types of cookies websites often use:

Necessary cookies:  People often use the phrase "necessary cookies" to describe cookies that do not require consent under EU law. They include:

·  Cookies to keep a user logged in as they browse a website

·  Cookies that set user interface preferences

·  Load-balancing cookies to enable the website to load properly

·  Cookies to remember the contents of a shopping basket

Analytics cookies:  These cookies track user behavior and engagement on a website or app for the benefit of the website operator. Analytics cookies do require consent under EU law (whether first or third-party).

Advertising cookies:  These cookies track user behavior across your website or app (and often across other websites and apps) to deliver personalized ads. They can also collect personal information such as a user's IP address, browser version, advertising ID, etc. Advertising cookies also require consent under EU law. You might also need to allow California users to reject advertising cookies.

Why do we use cookies and what do we use?

At Asia Pacific Offset, we use strictly necessary cookies only. This means that the cookies used help to keep the website running quickly and smoothly so that you have the best experience. We do not use cookies for advertising, and we do not use third-party cookies. All cookies are set by us. The following cookies are in use on this website:

·  _lang: This sets the default language as the local language based on where the user is accessing the website from.

·  _utma: This sets up your browsing session.

·  _utmb: This is used to determine a new user visiting the site.

·  _utmt: This limits the number of requests an end user can make on the website to help manage traffic and user load.

·  _utmz: This gives insight into how a user arrived at the website.

None of these cookies gather or store personally identifiable data.

How can I manage cookies?

Many web browsers allow you to manage, block and clear cookies. Note that blocking cookies may impact your user experience. Below you will find links with instructions on managing/blocking cookies on various browsers:

Managing cookies on Google Chrome

Managing cookies on Safari

Managing cookies on Mozilla Firefox

Changes to this policy

We may make small changes to this policy at any time. You are encouraged to review this policy regularly if you have concerns.