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Shahnameh: The Epic of The Persian Kings

The deluxe edition is worthy of its subject matter, featuring a genuine red leather case wrap with hubs on the spine. It is further embellished with full blind debossed design on the front case and gold foil stamping on the spine. The clamshell box is covered in Setalux cloth and printed with 4-colors including the special mix of red ink to match the red leather case. Each book is signed and numbered by the illustrator.

The hardback trade edition boasts a beautifully foil-stamped slipcase with gloss lamination. The book itself is covered in E-smooth cloth with double hits of red and turquoise colors and varnishing for added protection. The intricate design on the spine is hot foiled stamped to mirror the opulent illustrations on the text.

Shahnameh is a new illustrated edition of the classic work written over one thousand years ago by Abolqasem Ferdowsi, one of Persia’s greatest poets with illustrations by award-winning graphic artist and filmmaker Hamid Rahmanian.

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