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Beyond the Trees

The clamshell box is printed 2-color PMS on white Wibalin, varnished for protection, and blue foil stamped. When opened, the clamshell box reveals Works, which is cased in with real cloth and foil stamped. Works is printed 5-color with varnish on 140gsm matt art. Essays, also printed 5-color on 160gsm uncoated stock with matt machine varnish, is placed in a paper tray which is the same size as the clamshell box. The slipcase appears to be made of rich texture cloth and the contrast provided by the blue foil stamping fashions a very handsome package.


Australian artist Victor Majzner has held over 50 solo exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand, as well as participated in many group exhibitions. He is committed to developing the Jewish Art. Victor explores and deals with the current environmental threats of trees. He goes on to say “Trees are carriers of many symbolic possibilities, but one of the first things that attracted me to this subject was the sheer aesthetic beauty of trees” – Victor Majzner

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