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The Anubis Gates

This impressive set features a black and red Suedel Luxe three piece cased book enhanced with silver foil stamping and a lenticular tip-on. Text pages are printed on Kasadaka Natural stock and include an eight page gatefold, a four page gatefold, a Vellum paper tip in and two ribbon bookmarkers. Top edge of book block is stained red.


The set also contains a fourteen panel full color accordion book of illustrations by David Palumbo. The outer cases are covered in Saifu cloth also with silver foil stamping and a four-color tip-on image. The two books are encased in a magnificent two piece slipcase box with a keyhole die-cut and is covered in red and black Suedel Luxe with silver foil stamping. Diecut edges are hand dyed black to blend seamlessly with the Suedel Luxe and bring all visual focus to the center foil stamp of the Egyptian god Anubis.


One of the most highly regarded science fiction-fantasy novels, The Anubis Gates won the 1983 Philip K. Dick Award for best original science fiction paperback. This special edition features illustrations by David Palumbo.

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