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The Complete Far Side

A great example of various ways to produce the same books, the three different editions of The Far Side range from deluxe to a simple slipcased set of paperbacks.


The deluxe edition is housed in a beautiful cloth-covered clamshell box with gold foil stamping and a tip-on image. The books are leather bound, foil-stamped and also have tip-on images on the cases. The leather bound books and clamshell box have traditional hubs, which were originally use to cover the chords that held the signatures together. Today, hubs are used as an ornamental and decorative feature. 

In addition to printing the Deluxe edition of The Complete Far Side, the publisher released the hardback edition. This two volume set is placed in three piece slipcase with 4 color printed side panels, and cloth top, bottom and spine over 4 mm board. The hardback books are quarter bound with blue Saifu cloth spine, printed and laminated front and back case with a special embossing plate knocking out the embossing pattern from the framed image.


The paperbacks are matt laminated and inserted into a matching slipcase. Unlike previous editions of the sets, the paperback slipcase is printed laminated artboard over 1 ply e-flute corrugated board. The trim page size was reduced to make this into a smaller 3-volume version for easier handling.


Created by Gary Larson, The Far Side ran from 1980-1995. Larson's frequent use of animals and nature in the comic is popularly attributed to his background in biology. The Far Side was carried by more than 1,900 daily newspapers and translated into 17 languages.

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