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Mon Coaching Box Slim

These two kits are a great way to begin your exercise routine. Both kits are housed in PVC tuck boxes with 1 color silkscreen.


The Fitness kit includes an electronic jump rope, which counts your jumps and calorie usage. The Peso Perfecto kit includes two 500 grams cuffs, which can be used on the wrists or ankles. The jump rope and weights are placed in a uniquely molded blister pack. An instruction book is included as well as a small saddle stitch book to keep track of your progress. The tuck box is sealed with two self-adhesive wafer seals, top and bottom of the box. For both kits, Asia Pacific Offset sourced the materials and tested the integrity of the PVC box.


This set is the perfect tool to keep track of one’s progress, and to maintain high motivation throughout a personal fitness program.

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