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We are never sure what we are going to be asked to produce here at Asia Pacific Offset, but we have learnt that anything is possible. When we were asked by our client Formist, to print a book on Australian artist Gemma Smith, we didn’t hesitate. We had assumed it would be a four colour hardback detailing her sculptures and paintings – but it ended up being far from standard.


The book was to incorporate Smith’s playful approach to her work. Formist wanted the corner of the case to turn down, at a particular angle and with just the correct amount of ‘flop’. Had we done this before? No, but we are not ones to say no to anything, so we rolled up our sleeves and made it work. This particular concept went through quite a few design stages as we had to estimate and test the gap in between the two pieces of board, and the tension in the paper case to allow the corner to fall slightly. Several of the internal pages were also to be folded at the same angle.  

The edges of the book block then had to be sprayed in colour. Easy? No quite so straightforward as each edge had a different PMS, and we didn’t want them to bleed into each other.  The text of the book itself showed the artist’s joy in colour, but we also had to produce a limited number of copies with no printing on the case at all. These were then to be placed in custom-made, coloured Perspex slipcases – sourced by Formist – to represent the colours we had sprayed on the standard edition.

The result – the stunning Gemma Smith Found Ground by Formist.

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