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Glitter Fever - Can you dig it?

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Glitter is a groovy way to glamify your project and give it that extra sparkle.


There are a couple application options when it comes to glitter; UV Glitter and Stenciled Glue Glitter.


UV Glitter is applied by screenprinting a mixture of glitter with UV varnish. This application is a great choice if you want your glitter to stay in place, but it can be difficult to get consistent glitter applied in designs with fine detail. Glitter UV also has a subtler effect since the glitter is suspended within the varnish.


Glue is applied by stencil in the second application method. And then glitter is showered over the glue. Any excess glitter is removed either by shaking or lightly brushing with a roller brush.  This process gives a stronger sparkle effect but the glitter can rub off easier.  It’s better for short term use projects such as stationary and gift items.

Before you run off to design those ultra-glam, sparkle infused projects there are a few things to keep in mind:


• Don’t use glitter on areas with folds, like the spine of book or the wrap-round areas of a jacket. When folded, these areas will crack.
• The color of the paper and ink will affect the color of the glitter that sits on top of it. Here’s a handy test that we ran for a customer to show how UV glitter would look against several color swatches.
• If you are applying lamination to your project, glitter can only be applied on top of lamination.
• UV glitter or stenciled options not your jam? How about this encapsulated glitter? All the fun and glam without the glittery mess!

Did you catch glitter fever? Ready to add glitter to your next project? Do us a solid and reach out to your sales executive. Right on!

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