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Book Anatomy 101: What is a signature?

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Quick answer...a printed sheet that has been folded.


The better and more complete answer… a signature is a large sheet of paper, also known as a press sheet, that has multiple pages imposed and printed on both sides. The sheet is then folded, cut, and trimmed down to the finished page size.


These folded and trimmed signatures are ready for binding.


The number of pages in a signature depends on the Trim Page Size (TPS) and the size of the press sheet. Most common is a 16-page signature. A good rule of thumb is the page count needs to be divisible by 4 and it can be more economical to have full signatures.


Let’s talk imposition. This refers to the placement and direction the pages are printed on the press sheet. On first inspection, the pages may appear to be upside down or backwards, but once the sheet is folded…**abracadabra,** the pages fall into their proper sequence. Don’t worry though, we won’t ask that you provide imposed files. Our talented printing team takes care of that!


So, what can we print for you?

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