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Glorious Gatefolds

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Sometimes your design just cannot be contained to a standard spread. If there's too much information and eye candy, why not consider adding a gatefold in your project?


Gatefolds are oversized pages that fold hot of the book block. They are a great way to showcase large paintings, graphics, maps, or anything that might benefit from the extra space that gatefolds provide. The look easy and fun to include, but they are quite complicated and should be designed very carefully.


To provide the strongest binding, gatefolds should be designed and placed between or in the middle of signatures. Gatefolds can also be tipped in (glued) into the signature, but the gatefold will only be bound in by that thin strip of glue. Tipping in a gatefold will give you more flexibility on the gatefold placement.


While six-page gatefolds are the most common. A four-page gatefold is normally tipped or glued in the book; they are not sewn in the book block.


If you have questions on how to design your gatefold, reach out to your sales executive early in the design process.


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